So, what do you do?

It’s the beginning of my 5th year as expat in Kenya – 3rd year as entrepreneur and self-employed. And I still dread the question that’s bound to come when meeting new people: “So, what do you do?”.

In my home country Denmark, and in many parts of the world your identity is closely related to your work. You are what is written as your job title or on your business card!

The expectation is, that your answer to the above question, frames you nicely within a profession, job-category or industry. Whether you are happy in that position – or whether you have hobbies and interests outside your formal job – might form part of a further conversation, if you are lucky!

Whether you are an expat accompanying partner – i.e. the one arriving in a new country with no contract, dependent on the partner with the contract – or a local creative soul trying to make a living in a country with vast unemployment and no welfare system to support you.

Your identity is in for a re-invention (maybe multiple!) – or at least a re-frame. Who am, when I am here…? – Who am I, when I am doing what I love against all odds…?

My wish for today, for this year and for years to come is this… Could we please, re-frame the inevitable conversation and start asking: “So, what are you interested in at the moment?”, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” or simply:

“What do you wonder about?”

To wonder, is to allow yourself to find and see new perspectives and angles – to allow yourself to re-frame the framed. That’s the key to transformation and change.

If you are ready – in need of a place or help to – share perspectives, listen for common ground, question differences, build community – and transform. Get in touch with @WonderWalk

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